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Local Expertise

Prime Realty possesses extensive knowledge of the Puget Sound area, and can provide clients with valuable insights into the local real estate market. They have years of experience in the industry and can offer expert guidance and advice to help clients make informed decisions.


Customized Solutions

Prime Realty understands that each client has a unique set of wants and needs when it comes to real estate. We take the time to understand the particulars of each client’s situation, and offer personalized solutions.


Strong Relationships

Prime Movers and Shakers have developed strong relationships with real estate professionals in the Puget Sound area, including area brokers, loan originators, home inspectors, designers, contractors, title pros and real estate attorneys. We put these relationships at our clients service with every aspect of the buying and selling process.



When you sign up to buy or sell real estate with Prime Realty you will work with our leadership team directly. We will never pawn you off on a rookie or a trainee. 

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James Doerfel

Principal Broker

A real estate professional for the 21st Century, James uses data science & intention modeling to develop the human connections that move us, the professional techniques that inspire trust & good will, and the hands-on property intel that transforms the spaces we inhabit.


(425) 221-5111